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Gift Card System

Additional Modules

Sierra’s Gift Card system is a very easy way to create and maintain your Gift Card program. Sierra’s Gift Card system is completely integrated with Sierra’s POS system, which allows your Gift Cards to be also used in Sierra’s Frequent Diner system.

The sale of gift cards can make a real difference to the bottom line, where as much as 30% of all gift cards are never redeemed or are only partially redeemed. Of those who do redeem their cards over half of them will spend more than the card was issued for and will make multiple visits to spend the gift.

Great looking Gift cards are also a great way to promote your restaurant.

Sierra’s Gift Card system is extremely easy to implement with very little staff training. Gift Cards are sold in either predetermined denominations or as an open dollar amount. The Gift Cards are active at the time of purchase and additional funds may be added to them at any time.

Sierra’s Gift Card system can be hosted locally for single store processing, or over the Internet for our multi-store solutions.

Card status reports may be printed from any POS station, or from the back of the house showing all activity for a card. Each time a card is used the current balance of the account is printed on the receipt.

This is another fully integrated add-on system offered with Sierra’s Point of Sale Solutions. For more information about this product or other Sierra products please call us at 619-258-8200.

Gift Card

  • Completely Integrated with Sierra’s POS System
  • Cards may be sold in Predetermined denominations or in Open Amounts
  • Cards are active at the time of sale
  • No Additional Hardware Required
  • Supports Gift cards and paper certificates
  • Complete Gift Card reporting at the POS or from the Back Office
  • Supports dialup and high speed IP Connections
  • Real time authorization for both the sale and redemption of cards
  • Additional funds may be added to the cards at any time
  • Customer balance is instantly updated after each use
  • Customer balance is printed clearly on receipts each time their card is used
  • System maybe hosted locally or over the internet