Additional Modules


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Inventory System

Sierra's Food Service Inventory system eliminates the guess work out of controlling your inventory and helps to reduces waste and theft. Menu item recipes calculate food cost based on your current purchase and are extremely easy to build.  Sierra's Inventory system will help you increase your margins and reduce costs.

This is another fully integrated add-on module offered with Sierra’s Point of Sale Solutions. For more information about this product or other Sierra products please call us at 619-258-8200.

  • Recipes may be created for each menu item.
  • Food cost for each menu item is automatically recomputed based on recipe portion and current purchasing cost
  • Ordering is made simpler with reorder reports that are based on predetermined reorder points and reorder quantities for each stock item
  • Physical inventories are made much easier with printed reports showing each stock item, locations and theoretical current inventory level


  • Stock levels are automatically adjusted each day during the nightly closing, based on the menu items sold for the day
  • Stock items purchases can be entered in any package size (such as case, can, box, pounds, or ounces), and then converted into recipe units