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Additional Modules

Copyright 2006 Sierra National Corporation
Sierra's Bar Service has been used by National chains and independent operators for more than 20 years. The system is Windows based, open systems architecture, using standard off the shelf hardware.
  • User configured screen layouts and screen flow
  • User configured Button size and color
  • Bitmaps maybe attached to buttons
  • Customer database access using customer phone number or account number
  • Special comments such as birthdays and anniversaries
  • Order routing to prep stations
  • Automatic rerouting of orders if prep printer
  • Customer order history
  • down.
  • Kitchen video monitor and bump bar system
  • Order timing
  • Cashier and Driver cash accountability
  • Bump Orders automatically as completed
  • Order maybe bumped from the bump bar or from the video monitor
  • Expediter video monitor or printer
  • View Menu ingredients from the Point of Sale
  • Item Level Discounts and Comps
  • Sub Total Discounts and Comps
  • Automatic pricing based time of day, and day of the week.
  • Like Item consolidation for kitchen tickets
  • Viewing and Reprinting of closed checks from any time period
  • Tracks Voids and Discount
  • Server and or Cashier Banking
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing
  • Pin Based Debit Processing
  • Integrated Gift/Stored Value Card Processing
  • Built in Redundancy
  • Ascii Electronic Journal of all activity
  • All data is archived automatically during nightly closing
  • Access to system from anywhere via the internet